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Foreign Bureaucracy are often the Devil !! (Although we are not very good at it in France  neither, you may be thinking …. !!!  ).

Apartment, check. Now that you have the basics down, keep in mind that there are many countries whose government offices move at a slower pace. This is when you learn patience !

Keep these tips in mind as you traverse your new home and go to your embassy as the French Ghana Ambassy :

Be sure to have your visa in order. Know where the government offices are and know how long a wait each appointment requires. Most importantly though, bring a book, try not to get frustrated at all the red tape!

The french ambassy address: 12th road off Liberation Avenue, PO Box 187, Accra
Tel: (00) 233 (0) 302.21.45.50

Why register to the ambassy?

In order to benefit from all ambassy services and to be secured during your expatriation here. It is free and it will facilitate administration formalites (such as having a new passport, identity cad, driven license). You will receive by email important information (such as staying home because of a big storm !! ).  You can also be on the electoral list.

How to register?

2 options are possible according to your stay lenght

1st, less than 6 months :  you can tell the ambassy you’re here and give them contacts where you stay and the one to call in France if there is a problem

2nd, more than 6 months : you have to show your ID, your french nationality and where you live now in Ghana. You will then get a card which prooves you live here now. It will be indispensable if you need to be repatriated for illness for exemple.

How to register for citizen a Non -citizen resident ID?

You have to go to register for your Non-citizen ID to have your permit to stay in Ghana if you are a foreign national permanently resident in the country.

You can find infomation in foreigner identification website. It cost about 100€ and a scratch card must first be bought from any Cal Bank branch then the registration process start with a registration form about your personal information and biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) are then taken. Applicant is then instantly issued a Non-citizen card which signifies the completion of the registration process.

It takes me about 15 mn if there is no waiting queue.


tips k




Now that you have a nice apartment, you’re starting to want someone to share your adventures!!The problem is, you don’t have the smallest idea where to make new friends!!
During your time in high school and college, having a group of friends was relatively easy. You were all the same age, participated in the same activities, and grew up in the same area.

When you are expatriate, this is different.

You’re out in the real world and meeting people in a new city and country means taking on a whole new approach to friend making. If you’re working at a company or school, then your friends will likely be your new coworkers.

If not, then the whole “friend thing” becomes a lot more complicated. You don’t want to live in your Facebook past but you’re unsure of how to continue in your overseas future.

Before you retreat into a cavern of loneliness and despair, give these following tips a try:

  • Join an expat organization

Give online friends a whirl. Bloggers are great people to know and tend to be in touch with their community. I advice you to join an online expat organization such as Accra expat and Internations organization. Do a quick search for people writing about your area and see if you can arrange to meet for coffee. Check for local meetups, expat get-togethers, or Couchsurfing events. Of course, make sure to meet up in public areas the first couple or times.
There is comfort in familiarity and while you’re on a grand overseas adventure, it can be wonderful to talk with a group of people from your home country.  

Before I left France, I had already searched on internet some expat and french organisation. I had found “Accra Accueil” which deals with meeting others, doing activities and sharing passions, discovering the city… It was perfect for the beginnings.

  • Take a class in something you’re passionate about!!

i loveWhether it’s cooking, sewing, dancing, painting, yoga, or language you’re sure to meet people who have similar interests as you.

In accra there are yoga lessons, zumba, pilate, massage….

I will give you the internet adresses in  my blog  expat activities  part.

tips k




Internet access 

You can register like me to  Vodafone and get internet in one day. You need your telephone number (of the last owner of your appartment) and your ID.

In February 2016, for 85 GHC (21€) you get 20 GB and for 125 GHC  you get 40 GB. I got my new internet box and they came to install it in 10 minutes at home free. It is the first internet access but if for downloader it will be 250 GHC and for an office access 400GHC).

See below the internet penetration and use in Ghana, Africa and in all over the world… interesting, no?




Due to the unreliability of fixed-line infrastructure in Ghana, mobile phones are more widely used. The poor call quality of mobile phones, however, means that more people hold more than one mobile phone, usually with two or more different carriers. The various mobile carriers in Ghana have each been assigned a network code.

I ‘ve chosen Vodafone, I bought a new sim car for 5 cedis (1 €) and get a new samsung phone for 400 cedis (100€). Here are the other operators and emergency tel numbers.

For 10 cedis (2,5€) I can recharge it. Calling France is very cheap : with 10 cedis I can call at least 40 mn!!

Mobile Carrier Network Code(s)
Globacom (023)
MTN (024), (054), (055)
Tigo (027), (057)(029)
Expresso (028)
Vodafone (020), (050)
Airtel (026), (056)

Emergency Numbers

Institution Emergency code
Police 191
Fire Service 192
Ambulance 193


“Green part” in Africa => population with no mobile
shops in Ghana.
We found 132 companies

Airtel Ghana (Head Office)

Bharti Airtel, No. 30 Independence Avenue, GNAT Heights, North Ridge, Accra
Airtel Ghana We are more than a communication network (of voice and data services); we are a life-enriching network. Airtel Ghana had about 1.76 million customers at the end of 2010.

Company Location

2 Reviews

Web Mall GH

Mango Tree Avenue, Asylum Down, Accra
Web Mall GH is a Virtual Mall hosting sellers across Ghana that have thousands of items. Just like a Mall with the largest selection of electronics, home furnishings, video games, baby gear and more

Company Location


#15/17 Otaten-Darkuman Junction, Off the Kaneshie-Odorkor Highway (Near MTN), Accra. P. O. Box MP 4080, Mamprobi-Accra., Accra
KAB-FAM GHANA LIMITED is an Electronics and Home Appliances trading company incorporated in Ghana in May 2013. We are Authorised Partners of quality brands such as Samsung, Midea, and Nasco. We are pr…

Company Location

iSHOP Ghana

34 Off Pigfarm Accra Newtown Road, Accra
At iSHOP Ghana, we’re passionate about Quality. That’s why you’ll find some of world’s most quality products on our page. Since the inception, we’ve built our reputation on devoting our efforts to bri…

Company Location

Franko Phones

Franko Trading Ent, Behind Costa Forex Bureau Adabraka, Accra
FrankoTrading Enterprise is a private company dedicated to providing high quality Mobile phones, Phone accessories, Laptops, Scanners, and Digital Cameras etc. Exceeding customer’s expectation as well…
1 Reviews


ELAJO, Accra

Company Location

Glo Mobile Ghana Ltd

No. 4, Adjumah Crescent, South Industrial Area, Kaneshie, Accra
At Globacom we esteem our vision. It is our vision which keeps us moving forward. Our vision which pushes us to be the best we can. And our vision which propels us into the future, ahead of our compet…

Company Location

2 Reviews

Telefonika Ghana Limited

P.O.Box AC 697 Art Center , Accra
Telefonika is a telecommunications company, trading in mobile phones and accessories, telecommunication equipment, electronic products, gadgets and general goods. We pride ourselves to our attention t…

Company Location

Freddies Corner

Behind Holy Gardens Police Station, Kwame Nkrumah Circle, 15229, Accra
Freddies Corner. A Local Retail & Wholesaler of Mobile Phones, Computers & Accessories. We also offer Phone Repairs, Decoding, Unlocking & Flashing, Sale of Local CDs & VCDs as well as Laptop Software…
1 Reviews

Commtech Solutions Ltd.

Haatso, Accra
Home to unique IT/Telecommunication products & e services.

Company Location

Vodafone Ghana Head Office

Vodafone Ghana Head Office is located near the Ariport Round-about., Accra
Vodafone in Ghana is one of the latest additions to Vodafone Group Plc, the world’s leading mobile telecommunications company. This follows the successful acquisition of 70% shares in Ghana Telecommun…

Kiss the season goodbye

  • Weather in Ghana

As usual in tropical country (we are close to equator), expatriation in Ghana means to kiss the seasons goodbye…….


Accra features a tropical savanna climate that borders on a semiarid climate. You can see the equator is just under Ghana.

The only seasonal change is the switch between dry season  with harmattan and the rainy and humid season.

But it will always be more than 24 ° !

  • SUN:

As Accra is close to the equator, the daylight hours are practically uniform during the year.

The sunrise  is around 6am latest and Sunset around 6pm. There are never clouds and it is always shiny except when the harmattan is coming.

You can see how is the sunrise from Airport area during the harmattan in february 2016 :

AND the nice blue sky during the year : in markets and in the villages …

Tema where it is always sunny even when it is cloudy in the center of Accra city:



Flooding street in Accra

The average annual rainfall is about 730 mm, which falls  during Ghana’s two rainy seasons ( from April to mid-July and october) and causes local flooding in which drainage channels are obstructed.

Precipitation is most likely around June, occurring in 31% of days. Precipitation is least likely in January , occurring in 4% of days.

On March,1st, 2016,  after 3 months without rain… in Accra, we had a “sand storm” coming from Tema.

I was outside in East Legon with a friend eating in a restaurant when the waitress tolds us that this storm was coming… here are the pictures:

We came rapidely inside a room and afterwards wemanage to come into our car to go back home …you can see how was theroad from East Legon to Airport area:


Very little variation in temperature occurs throughout the year. The average monthly temperature is between 24.7 °C to 35 °.

Cooler months are more humid and humidity generally high, varying from 65% in the midafternoon to 95% at night. Strong wind gusts occur with thunderstorms often cause damage to property by removing roofing material.

harmattan Ghana
The dusty sky during the harmattan

Warmer months are when there is the windy harmattan season in January. You can see on the right how the sky is.

As to the consequence,  Accra feels “dry heat” when this wind comes from Sahara desert: it lowers the humidity, dissipates cloud cover, prevents rainfall formation and sometimes creates big clouds of dust which can result in duststorms or sandstorms.

Humidity drops to as low as 15%, which can result in spontaneous nosebleeds for some people.

Other health effects on humans may include conditions of the skin, eyes, and respiratory system, including aggravation of asthma.

Hope you will enjoy coming here and discover the tropical weather !!

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Checklist before leaving your country… some hints and tips

Here is my checklist before expatriation :

First of all :” check your mind !!”



  • Make sure you and your family have valid passports and get your VISA ( through your Diplomatic government)!

visa passport

  • Find out about international driving licenses ( register ont public french service. Most countries will not accept your home country’s license (or for the 3 first months as in Ghana). In ghana, you will have to go to your ambassy (French Ambassy for me) to register and pay about 35 cedis to get a formality paper prooving your frenchdriving license and then you will get it.vaccin
  • Find out if you need vaccinations because you also may need it to enter the country at the airport. Find out in the  Pasteur Institute which vaccinations you need. => For Ghana, yellow fever vaccine is required to enter the country, hepatitis A and B, Meningitis with meningococcirabies are recommended too. There is Malaria also but if you stay in Ghana for expatriation, it is useless to take medecines before leaving doctors will told you. You cant’s take it all over the year so you may get Malaria anyway… Fortunately, few expat get it.



  • Ask your doctors, vet and dentist for copies of yours, your families and your pets’ medical records. While you are at the surgeries, organise a final check up for you, your family and your pets if your employers do not ask it. Don’t forget the vaccination (for me, yellow fever) . Maybe you need to buy 6 months treatment before leaving because you can’t find it in Africa for exemple. So you have to ask the french social security for agreement to deliver. Of course, you will no more belong to it 6 months after your arrival in your host country.To enter with your 6 months medecine, you may be asked to give proof of your need for the medication fohealth carer customs
  • Check all insurance policies and organise your visas if you need to. In my case, my boyfriend’s company did everything for both of us, and now we belong to : an international healthcare insurance card for expatriates called Previnter to have our money back AND “West African Rescue Association” (WARA) which gives 24/7 medical access assistance center. Prices for medical care is very very expensive here.
  • attorneyPrepare a power of attorney (see more on solicitor for french expatriate )Make sure you have certified copies of all important documents ready to hand over to the person you will be leaving in charge of your affairs while you are away. I gave it to my parents for banks and the rent of my apartment.
  • Organise the cancellation of all magazine/newspaper subscriptions or regular deliveries you receive on the day you will be leaving.



My first Expatriation in Africa in Ghana


May, 4th, 2014 


After an 8 hours KLM flight with a 3 hours stop in Amsterdam, we arrived at 9 pm in Kotoka Airport in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

My first impression was it was so hot and humid that we felt like being in holidays 🙂

The airport was crowded even outside and many ghanaian asked us to get into their taxi. We were driven to our hotel before having our own house the day after.