On the road to Wii falls


Our drive to Mountain Paradise :


On the road to Wii falls, we had to cross the Volta river, the biggest artificial lake in the world with 8500 km2.

So we took a boat because the Akosombo dam and its bridge was closed to cars … we had to wait for 2 hours…
We drove 4 hours through sometimes difficult roads with holes until we arrived to our (Mountain paradise” hotel, lost in the mountain.

The road to Wii falls

Mountain paradise hotel is a great place for people who wants to be alone surrounded with nature.

There are very few room which are not very new and very very simple. But the view is so great and you can hear the noise of the forest even in your bed which is incredible :


Wii Falls

Wii Falls is located is 20km from Hohoe, in the Wli Natural Reserve. It is close to Togo (compared to Accra).

It is the Ghana’s highest waterfalls which flows throughout the year.


The water descends from a height of about 1,600 feet
First to see waterfall it has to rain.. so choose the right season !!

To enter you will have to pay around 10 GHC there :


During the dry season that starts from October each year and ends in early march the following year the volume of water decreases.

So the raining season presents the best opportunity to see the falls it is “glory and spender” but that also presents its own challenges. Rainfalls are heavy and usually “unannounced” all the time and conditions become a bit treacherous.

After arriving in Wii Fall you can choose 2 options depending of your capacity of hiking…


1st option 💪💪: you can visit the upper waterfalls which is a very strenuous hike and generally cannot be done during the rain season. But if you are adventurous, healthy and strong, it is a worthy goal to reach the rarely visited upper falls. (it takes 6 hours and you have to get up early because of the heat)

2nd option : go to the lower falls with “the pool” to rest all around….


We choose the second option to walk and  we stayed at the lower falls … !! Less than an hour’s walk through cool shades of the forest, you imagewill see cocoa trees , many butterflies, and when going across bridges over the Agumatsa River, you begin to hear the roar of the lower falls.

You then come into a clearing and see the falls in front of you. It is magic!


And after taking photos, we had a splash in its refreshing water and rest next to the falls, feeling like an atomiser on your face! SO good!! The water is cold to swim compared to the sea for example, but it is good to go into because of the heat. You feel fresh  and dynamic after.

If you look carefully to the mountain you will see million of bats who may fly away any time !

The monkey sanctuary

We also went to see the Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary on the road to go back home.
This great community initiative allows you to see wild monkeys up close and personal. They are well-habituated to humans and will come when the guide calls them.


Around 500 monkeys live wild in this protected forest.
Your guide helps you find them and, if you’re lucky, they will cautiously and carefully peel and eat a banana from your hand!
Hearing and then seeing them swinging through the trees is a delight, but the best is when the monkeys will jump onto your arm and eat the banana out of your hand.

In my case, I met some in the forest and then more than 5 in the village at the entry of the forest where I feed them with bananas
A great moment !

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  1. Très belles photos..avec les commentaires qui suivent. ..nous avons reconnu les chutes. .ça rappelle de bons souvenirs. ..même la route. .😥😓à bientôt.

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