Madina Market near Accra

Let’s go in Madina market

Madina is a market located outside Accra , about 30 mn drive.

Like Makola market in the center of Accra, you will find many colorful product as vegetable and fruits, but also fabrics, meat, fishes, tools, kitchen pot or pan…

Just ask an they will find out what you are looking for!!

I went their with my friend Lova, from Madagascar, and we wanted to find fabrics for her new colorful fabrics as she mix african with european cotton wax.

As she sew professionaly,  she created her brand last year on “a little market”website.

You can see her beautiful work on “creabylova” “CREABYLOVA”  with cheap prices as she has just opened her “store few months  ago”

She makes anything you want and she send it to France and you receive it within 2 weeks

In Ghana, they all use this old sewing machine  in markets or professionals at workshop.

You can order a skirt (if you have your fabric) for 20 GHC ( 5 €) with your own measures.

A dress for 40 GHC (10 €)

The fabric is more expensive but so good quality : 13€ for one yard (a skirt)

Discover the amazing sewing by hand and unique things created by Lova on “CreaByLova”:

You can see under one of my african skirts on this picture :

You will also recognise (for my followers) Thomas, my driver, whom I visited him and family in his small village  outside Accra.

After, we wanted to take vegetable because we prefer to buy to locals than in suprmarkets, even if prices is not very cheaper because the volume sold is not the same of course!


There are also smells as fishes which are already dried and stay outside with no particulat conservation… I never tasted it but the smell is … well… strong!!

For more typical product there are : feet pigs… and which taste like potatoes.

Beads so colorful are mostly already in necklace here, there is another market after Hillbury which sell only beads.

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